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April, 2018


Justine Wargnier - UI/UX Design
Faly Quénéa- UI/UX Design
Anaëlle Ho Thanh - UI/UX Design
Orianne Delerue - UI/UX Design
In a more and more connected world, cars are a good environment for innovation and new technologies. Good or bad, all these additions influence our rides and change our perception of driving. Following this phenomenon, car’s interfaces became cluttered and less focused on the main aspect : driving safely.


What if we took the opposing view of it and designed interfaces that are almost invisible to the user and still gives him the most fluent experience possible ?
For this project we chose the Range Rover Velar. It is a good example of a modern, upper-class car that strives for innovative driving. It has a fully digital dashboard and two-touch sensitive central screens.
Illustration of a car from above
Picture of the inside of the Range Rover Velar with our screensPicture of the inside of the Range Rover Velar with our screens


deep grey
sea green
greeny grey
pearly pink
Deep grey
sea green
Greeny grey
pearly pink





One of the most important step of this design process was to define the identity we were about to give to the interfaces. The colors needed to be clean and relaxing to don’t incite the driver to take his eyes off the road, but also not to dull to risk to make the driver miss some information. Same challenge for the typographies that needed to be extremely readable but also needed to have a modern and classy feeling to match the
Velar’s universe.



In between the driver and the passenger seats, there is a central screen divided in two parts that we designed in order to not disturb the driver, but to help him get the best experience possible during his drive. The GPS is striped off of too much informations that would get you lost each time you would look at the road. As soon as you go into reverse, the parking assistance appears to avoid collision.
Central screen with the GPS
GIF of the central screens
Central screen with parameters of the vehicle
We designed a straightforward dashboard that pushed the right information at the right time, nothing else. It’s not cluttered with informations that are not useful to you at the moment you are driving. You only see what you need to see.
GIF of the dahsboard
Home screen of the app
The car interface goes hand in hand with a mobile application that allows you to set your preferences and prepare your drive ahead and to not loose any second !
Parameters screen of the app
Seat positionning screen of the app
Emergency screen of the app