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November, 2018


Justine Wargnier - UI/UX Design
Cécile Tournier- UI/UX Design
Anaëlle Ho Thanh - UI/UX Design
Few years ago, all mobile applications, especially social networks, were designed so that we would become addicted to it and spend more and more time on our phone. We all experienced looking at our Instagram or Pinterest for what seemed like 4 ou 5 minutes, but ending up spending an hour lying on our couch just scrolling. Since years, a real dependency has grown between the digital world and us.


How to detach ourselves from the digital in our everyday life ?
We chose the GPS case regarding our trips while moving on foot.
Indeed, we were all three concerned with this issue as we have no clue how to go from one place to another without our GPS.
Illustration of a man with a compass
Map of Paris, zoomed on Gare Du NordMap of Paris, zoomed on Gare Du Nord

Collecting insights

We started this project with an ethnographic study at Paris’s Gare du Nord, where we questioned several people on their habits when going somewhere on foot. At first, we didn’t had any particular target in mind, we thought this app could benefit everyone at every stage in their life. But as we went along the interviews, we realized that it was primarily the digital natives that were impacted by this phenomenon, so we focused our interviews along these profiles. Simultaneously, we launched a Google Form study so we could collect qualitative and quantitative data.

We then analyzed and summarized all the data we collected to translate them into opportunity cards. Each card gathers insights with a formulated issue and a potential answer.


Opportunity card 1 : A GPS without a map but with a compass
Opportunity card 1 : A visual GPS that reteached us our sens of direction
Opportunity card 1 : A GPS that offers a short printed summary ahead of the journey
We decided to develop the visual GPS idea because it was the one that suited the most our initial issue, which was to detach ourselves to the digital. Actually, despite the fact that it is an application, this GPS aims to relearn us to find our way by ourselves and to enjoy the trip as a walk instead of staying focused on our phone all way long. The purpose over time is that the user doesn’t need the application anymore.



After that, we listed the main functionalities of our application and started to design wireframes as well as a user flow to set up our ideas :
Wireframes and user flow of the app


Electric Purple
Silly orange
Blueish grey light
Blueish grey medium
Blueish grey dark
Electric purple
Silly orange
Blueish grey light
Blueish grey medium


Circular Std.



Once the wireframes have been validated by the entire team, we defined the univers and identity of our application : we agreed upon a vivid and dynamic color palette because we wanted to create a playful and thrilling environment. It also impacted our typographic choice, with classic fonts with small rounded details that gives them a warm feeling.



Our designs are simple and striped down of unnecessary details. We emphasized the main functionality that is to configure our journey and to view it before putting our phone away to try to memorize visual landmarks and find them.
GPS screen
Another screen that shows the recap of the journey
Screen that shows the recap of the journey
Screen that tells you to put your phone in your pocket and to start walking
If we are lost, we can obtain help either from a clue, either by reseeing the entire journey again. Also, if we go in the wrong direction, the phone will vibrate and send a notification that will inform us of our mistake.
Help screen
Clue screen
Screen that appears at the end of the journey and congratulates the user
At the end of our journey, the app congratulates us and tells us how much time we spent looking at our phone. The goal is to support and definitely not to blame, to not discourage the user and give him the desire to do better next each time.
A clear and simple onboarding allows new users to understand quickly the operating of the app. The illustrations were designed based of DrawKit & Undraw’s free bases.
Onboarding screen 1 : illustration with a man and a compass
Onboarding screen 1 : illustration with a man that shows an image
Onboarding screen 1 : illustration of a man that walks towards a point of interest