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May, 2018


Justine Wargnier - UI/UX Design
Orianne Delerue - UI/UX Design
Lisa Comelli- UI/UX Design
Anaëlle Ho Thanh - UI/UX Design
Cuisine Actuelle is a French cooking magazine. It’s the first monthly among women and its purpose is to make its readers drool over delicious recipes.  They provide inspiration about home-made cuisine, varied and healthy food. Originally it’s a printed magazine, but with the rise of tablets and e-readers, they made a digital version of their magazine that basically consists of scans of the printed version, that you need to zoom to read clearly.


How to create a pleasant and interactive reading experience, that adapts itself to the new rules created within the digital era but without losing the original magazine essence ?
The objective of this redesign was to create create customer loyalty with the current readers but also target a new younger audience.
Persona illustration



We made a portrait of the typical Cuisine Actuelle’s reader we would target with this redesign.  Meet Joséphine.  
She mostly get around in subway and loves to read magazines. She’s a digital native, she mostly find her recipes online, this way she can always have it with her : at home, at the supermarket,… She likes efficiency and wants to have everything within easy reach.
Active - Parisian - Married - One child - Loves to cook
Mockup of one of the screensMockup of one of the screens

New experience

Cuisine Actuelle guide its readers in a new culinary experience.
There is more than just a digitalization of the printed version, it comes with a handful of new functionalities :


A clear and comfortable
reading interface.
New photographic style
that emphasizes the ingredient
Notification system that suits your own needs
(ex : new issue is out, restart your reading....)
Download the issues to read them offline, for example in the subway.
Store the recipes you saved earlier
in a dedicated space.
Share your favorite article or recipe
with your friends.


Vibrant pink
Rock grey
Pure white
Pearly light grey
Minty green
vibrant pink
rock grey
pure white
pearly light grey
minty green


Abril Fatface.



The current identity of Cuisine Actuelle was growing a bit old and wasn’t paying tribute to the quality of the content. We redefined a powerful and enthusiastic color palette that would make the reading time more playful and interactive. We also chose two new fonts : Abril Fatface for a more editorial-type heading, and Raleway for a readable and refined reading interface.



An inspirational summary that gives you a visual overview of everything you’re about to find in this issue. It’s now easier to just jump to the articles or recipes that pleases you without having to read the entire magazine.
Article screen about cheese
Summary screen
Articles have been revamped to entirely suit the content and to allow the reader to be in interaction with it. You can now see the average reading time and read in harmony with the time you have.
Article screen about food waste
Recipe screen in relation with the food waste article
Recipes are the core of the magazine, this is why we took extra care with their design. They are interactive, you can adapt it to your own needs and the ingredients change in real time. You can follow the recipe along with a video and do it step by step.
Recipe screen with ingredients
Recipe screen with step by step
The shopping pages also have been rethought to maximize their potential, they are directly linked to the shops where you can find the products.
Shopping screen
shopping screen with details